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Al Magharibia

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 Veröffentlicht October 29, 2015, und zuletzt geändert am 5 months ago.

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Al Magharibia tv (Arabic: المغاربية‎) is an Algerian free-to-air television channel broadcasting from London. It was founded by a successful Algerian businessman with a number of Arab intellectuals from Britain and the Arab World.[1] Al Magharibia has announced the launch of a new channel in Tamazight language, "Al Magharibia two".

"Magharebia" is a dialogue and news satellite channel that works to shed light on political, economic and social issues of concern to citizens in the Maghreb.

Through its various media materials, the “Magharebia” channel aims to build bridges of communication between the people of the Maghreb region and contribute to the consecration of the right of citizens to access the correct information and follow up on a media service that relies on sobriety and objectivity and focuses on professionalism and craftsmanship and guarantees freedom of expression and highlights other opinion and opinion.

The "Magharebia" channel, which provides its media service to the Maghreb audience, seeks to be a space for the people of the region to communicate, through which they learn about their reality without blackout or falsification, and they look at the world and the developments of its people, and it also opens the way for its fans to contribute to its movement in championing and promoting human values, foremost of which are values Freedom, equality, tolerance, and human rights.